Diabetes Recipes

Easy Recipes for People w. Diabetes

Growing up diabetes was always talked about in my family. My grandparents and some of my uncles battled diabetes for years. Having a degree in culinary arts and nutrition I was always experimenting with creating great tasting recipes for people with diabetes. Below you will find a collection of easy, but delicious diabetes recipes. Have your own recipe that you'd like to share? Make sure to register and submit your recipes with our growing community.

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Southwestern Tofu Scramble
Southwestern Tofu Scramble
Sodium:360 mg
Potassium:369 mg
Phosphorus:126 mg
Protein:8 g
Photo of Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast
Sodium:137 mg
Potassium:230 mg
Phosphorus:16 mg
Protein:5 g
Southwestern Tofu Scramble with Avocado and Toast
Southwestern Tofu Scramble w. Avocado Toast
Sodium:497 mg
Potassium:599 mg
Phosphorus:126 mg
Protein:13 g
Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette Dressing
Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette
Sodium:159 mg
Potassium:23 mg
Phosphorus:4 mg
Protein:0.2 g
Brocoli & Tofu Stir-Fry
Brocoli & Tofu Stir-Fry with White Rice
Sodium:436 mg
Potassium:403 mg
Phosphorus:119 mg
Protein:15 g
Crispy Baked Tofu Recipe
Crispy Tofu
Sodium:68 mg
Potassium:0.5 mg
Phosphorus:1 mg
Protein:8 g
Photo of Carrot Habanero Sauce
Carrot Habanero Sauce
Sodium:113 mg
Potassium:195 mg
Phosphorus:22 mg
Protein:1 g
Bowl of Brown Rice on Wooden Table
Brown Rice
Sodium:8 mg
Potassium:127 mg
Phosphorus:125 mg
Protein:4 g
Gobi Matar Curry Simmering
Gobi Matar Curry w/ Rice
Sodium:330 mg
Potassium:566 mg
Phosphorus:220 mg
Protein:11 g
homemade low sodium salsa
60 Second Low Sodium Salsa
Sodium:2 mg
Potassium:42 mg
Phosphorus:5 mg
Protein:1 g
Honey Glazed Carrots
Low Sodium Honey Glazed Carrots
Sodium:131 mg
Potassium:294 mg
Phosphorus:37 mg
Protein:1 g
Salt-Free Garam Masala Seasoning
Easy Salt-Free Garam Masala Recipe
Sodium:2 mg
Potassium:20 mg
Phosphorus:5 mg
Protein:1 g
Thai Curry Powder Recipe
Homemade Thai Curry Powder
Sodium:3 mg
Potassium:18 mg
Phosphorus:3 mg
Protein:1 g
Homemade VERY low sodium soy sauce
Low Sodium Soy Sauce Recipe
Sodium:57 mg
Potassium:67 mg
Phosphorus:4 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium roasted red bell pepper sauce
Red Pepper Sauce Recipe
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:66 mg
Phosphorus:8 mg
Protein:1 g
Salt-Free Jerk Seasoning Recipe
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:7 mg
Phosphorus:2 mg
Protein:1 g
garlic mashed potatoes
Low Sodium Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sodium:22 mg
Potassium:719 mg
Phosphorus:69 mg
Protein:5 g
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Low Sodium Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
Sodium:75 mg
Potassium:16 mg
Phosphorus:3 mg
Protein:1 g
Low Sodium Honey Mustard Sauce
Low Sodium Honey Mustard Recipe
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:8 mg
Phosphorus:4 mg
Protein:1 g
Salt Free Taco Seasoning Recipe
Sodium:4 mg
Potassium:7 mg
Phosphorus:1 mg
Protein:1 g
sour patch grapes
Easy Sour Patch Grapes Recipe
Sodium:16 mg
Potassium:180 mg
Phosphorus:23 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium apple chutney recipe
Low Sodium Apple Cherry Chutney
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:17 mg
Phosphorus:2 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium vegetable stock recipe
How to Make a Traditional Vegetable Stock
Sodium:97 mg
Potassium:88 mg
Phosphorus:13 mg
Protein:1 g
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