High Blood Pressure Recipes

Easy Recipes for People w. High Blood Pressure

We specialize in creating and curating the easiest, greatest tasting high blood pressure recipes for anyone living with hypertension, CKD or heart problems. Below you will find our collection of easy blood pressure recipes. Have your own recipe that you'd like to share? Make sure to register and submit your recipes with our growing community.

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Honey Glazed Carrots
Low Sodium Honey Glazed Carrots
Sodium:131 mg
Potassium:294 mg
Phosphorus:37 mg
Protein:1 g
Low Sodium Aloo Mattar
Easy at Home Low Sodium Aloo Mattar Recipe
Sodium:19 mg
Potassium:442 mg
Phosphorus:89 mg
Protein:5 g
Low Sodium 1 Hour Dinner Rolls
1 Hour Low Sodium Dinner Rolls
Sodium:83 mg
Potassium:123 mg
Phosphorus:116 mg
Protein:4 g
Vegan Lentil Meatballs
Vegan Lentil Italian Meatball Recipe
Sodium:98 mg
Potassium:545 mg
Phosphorus:225 mg
Protein:14 g
Low Sodium Blueberry Compote
Low Sodium Blueberry Compote
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:57 mg
Phosphorus:9 mg
Protein:1 g
Crepes with Blueberry Compote
Low Sodium Crepes Stuffed with Blueberry Compote
Sodium:49 mg
Potassium:132 mg
Phosphorus:51 mg
Protein:7 g
Thai Curry Powder Recipe
Homemade Thai Curry Powder
Sodium:3 mg
Potassium:18 mg
Phosphorus:3 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium creamy mac and cheese recipe
Low Sodium Creamy Mac and Cheese
Sodium:142 mg
Potassium:378 mg
Phosphorus:257 mg
Protein:17 g
Photo of Dilled Carrots
Low Sodium Dilled Carrots
Sodium:55 mg
Potassium:254 mg
Phosphorus:33 mg
Protein:1 g
Homemade VERY low sodium soy sauce
Low Sodium Soy Sauce Recipe
Sodium:57 mg
Potassium:67 mg
Phosphorus:4 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium roasted red bell pepper sauce
Red Pepper Sauce Recipe
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:66 mg
Phosphorus:8 mg
Protein:1 g
Low sodium roasted green tomatillo sauce
Low Sodium Roasted Tomatillo Sauce
Sodium:1 mg
Potassium:92 mg
Phosphorus:13 mg
Protein:1 g
Photo of Cornbread
Easy Cornbread Recipe Without Eggs or Dairy
Sodium:87 mg
Potassium:290 mg
Phosphorus:191 mg
Protein:5 g
Low Sodium Marinara Sauce
Easy Low Sodium Marinara Sauce
Sodium:139 mg
Potassium:378 mg
Phosphorus:7 mg
Protein:1 g
turkey bolognese recipe
Turkey Bolognese with Zucchini Noodles
Sodium:59 mg
Potassium:953 mg
Phosphorus:249 mg
Protein:19 g
low sodium lemon oregano chicken recipe
Low Sodium Lemon Oregano Chicken
Sodium:133 mg
Potassium:437 mg
Phosphorus:239 mg
Protein:24 g
low sodium french onion dip
Low Sodium French Onion Dip
Sodium:58 mg
Potassium:22 mg
Phosphorus:4 mg
Protein:1 g
Low Sodium Turkey Meatloaf recipe
Low Sodium Turkey Meatloaf Recipe
Sodium:96 mg
Potassium:493 mg
Phosphorus:229 mg
Protein:24 g
Low sodium flatbread recipe
Low Sodium Flatbread Recipe
Sodium:4 mg
Potassium:135 mg
Phosphorus:121 mg
Protein:5 g
garlic mashed potatoes
Low Sodium Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sodium:22 mg
Potassium:719 mg
Phosphorus:69 mg
Protein:5 g