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Low Sodium Roasted Red Pepper SauceBy sodiumoptionalThis low sodium red bell pepper sauce is one of my favorite kitchen staples. It's super versatile and keeps well in the freezer, making it a wonderful make-ahead option for dinners on those busy nights.
Roasted Sweet Potato & White Rice TacosBy cukebookThese low sodium sweet potato tacos are simple, refreshing and healthy. They are surprisingly filling, easy to make and are packed with flavor. Using fresh, whole ingredients helps make these simple tacos so delicious.
Low Sodium Zucchini & Corn Hash CakesBy cukebookLooking for something new to bring to the table...literally? If you're like me, every night consists of...what the heck am I going to make tonight? These low sodium zucchini cakes are something out of left field, and can be a really nice side dish or even appetizer for your next dinner.
Low Sodium Vegetable StockBy cukebookMost store bought sauces are loaded with sodium to help them last on the shelf. Making your own low sodium vegetable stock is so simple, and versatile. Make sure to save all your vegetable scraps and peelings throughout the week. Having mirepoix scraps on hand makes it easy to quickly throw together a vegetable stock whenever you need a boost of flavor in a sauce or chili.
Low Sodium Blueberry Pancakes Mix RecipeBy Anthony ValentineBreakfast can be challenging for us low sodium warriors. If you're like me and love bagels and other bread items, then you also know that these items are normally very high in sodium. Most pancake mixes can also be high in sodium making this fan favorite breakfast item another hard one for us. Not to fret! These low sodium pancakes are fluffy, delicious and take only about 15 minutes to prepare! The problem with store bought pancake mix is that the preservatives, baking powder, and baking soda contain loads of sodium. By swapping out the leavening agents with sodium free versions, we are able to create a low sodium version of this yummy breakfast item.
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