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Plant-Based, Vegan Cornbread Recipe

vegan cornbread

0 from 0 votes Easy Cornbread Recipe Without Eggs or Dairy Print Recipe CourseBreakfast, Lunch, Main CourseCuisineNative AmericanTagsCornbread, Low Sodium, Native American, Plant-basedMethodBaking Prep Time15 minutesCook Time25 minutesResting time10 minutesTotal Time50 minutes Servings9 pieces Calories279kcal Sodium 87 EquipmentOvenPlastic spatulaOffset spatulaMixing bowlWhiskMisto oil sprayerMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoons IngredientsUS Customary – Metric1 1/4 …

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Low Sodium Tzatziki Sauce

Picture of Tzatziki Sauce w. Pita Bread

Tzatziki is quite easy to make and includes some of my favorite things like lemon, garlic and cucumbers. Having a food processor or blender comes in handy for recipes like this, but aren’t completely necessary. Also known as cacık or tarator, tzatziki is a dip, soup, or sauce which is normally found in of Southeast Europe and the Middle East. This salt-free version of tzatziki can be made under 20 minutes, and contains little to no sodium.