Getting the Most from Your Cukebook Meal Plan

Our meal plans are meant to be a tool to show you how a plant-based diet can be kidney-friendly. We aim to show you how to fit plant-based meals into your life. This is not meant to be a personalized meal plan or diet prescription. 

All of our meal plans have the following guidelines

An average amount of 1800-2000 kcals per day, 45-65g of protein per day, <3000mg of potassium per day and <2300mg of sodium per day, <1200mg of phosphorus per day, and at least 25g of fiber per day.

Our meal plans are curated by recipes from our website or from other websites/contributors who have given permission in the past to use their recipes. Recipes whose original author’s are not Cukebook always have the author’s information in the notes section of the recipe.

All of our meal plans use only plant-based ingredients

We try to consider seasonality, time in the kitchen, and food costs. We do this by using foods that are either in season or can be found frozen, using dinner meals as leftovers for lunch, and using the same snacks multiple times. 

You can still eat out and use this meal plan! All of the days are very low in sodium. Swapping out a meal for an order or a restaurant meal is possible. Make sure to consider your protein and potassium goals when eating out. 

Tips for using Cukebook Meal Plans

  • If you do not like a specific dip or sauce, consider swapping those for your favorite low-sodium dips or sauces.
  • To reduce labor time, consider reusing recipes with many servings more than one time.  (for example, Tuscan Kale Soup or the Kale & Corn and Potato Hash Cakes).
  • Batch cook the rice at the beginning of the week and then add it to appropriate recipes.
  • Consider making only one of the dessert recipes and eating from it multiple times.
  • Consider doubling recipes that are easy to freeze and use later.

Feedback is always a gift! If you like this meal plan or want to see other recipes, please let us know at

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