Candee Bauer

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Were you on dialysis before your transplant?

Yes, 24 months

Did you have a live or deceased donor, if live how did you know them?

Live donor. The first was my step sister, then my step father

When and where did your surgery take place?

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. February 2006 and April 2013

How long did your surgery take from start to finish?

Each took between four and five hours

How was your pain before and after the surgery?

No pain before surgery. Right after surgery I would say pain was a 7 out of 10, especially when they made me get out of bed!

How many days did you spend in the hospital?

5 each time

Explain your post transplant clinic visits. How often and for how long did you see the clinic?

Daily for a while for labs, etc then they eventually spread out to weekly.

How old were you when you had your first surgery?

I was 29 when I had my first transplant and I am 41 now.

How long did or has your kidney transplant lasted?

First lasted r.t years. Second lasted 4 years.

How many transplants have you had?


What meds are you on post transplant?

I am currently on 14 different daily meds.

Compare your post transplant diet vs. your pre-transplant diet.

I could eat pretty much anything again post transplant, I just had to remember to eat healthy.

How soon after, if at all, did you begin drinking alcohol?


How soon after, if at all, did you begin smoking and/or using marijuana or CBD?


How soon after did you begin having sexual intercourse?

4 weeks?

If applicable, how soon after did you get pregnant?


After transplant, have you ever had a rejection? If so, what happened?

Yes, multiple. I ended up in the hospital each time for high doses of Prednisone.

How long after transplant until you returned to working.

4 weeks the first time. 3 weeks the second time.

How long after transplant until you began exercising?

😆 has

How often do you get your blood work done, 3 months post, 6 months post, 1 year+ post transplant?

Currently weekly again. I am back on dialysis.

What kind of setbacks or hiccups have you had shortly after transplant?

Failure of each transplant.

Were are you from?

United States, Iowa

Of what ethnicity are you?

White or Caucasian

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