CKD & Kidney Transplant Support

Below is a database of people who have gone through the kidney transplant process. You can learn more about their story and experience with the kidney transplant process by clicking their name.

If you have had a kidney transplant and would like to participate in the interview you can do so here: kidney transplant interview.


  • Age* = When they received their first (or only) transplant.
  • L = Live Donor
  • D = Deceased Donor
  • Eth. = Ethnicity
  • AI = American Indian or Alaska Native
  • A = Asian
  • B = Black or African American
  • H = Hispanic or Latino
  • NH = Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • W = White or Caucasian
Denise KyleF44L
Brad WhiteM34L
Peter MangoM60D
Kevin SmithM33DW
Shay TrimbleF28DW
Pree RamF29LA
Candee BauerF29LW
Sarah HowdenF51DW
Tammi Taylor F54LW
Joe BartholomewM67DW
Denise Schmidt W51LW

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