Karina Tolentino

Karina Tolentino

Email Address hello@happyhealthnutrition.net

Start Date 05/11/2022

Practice Name Karina Tolentino

Website https://www.happyhealthnutrition.net

Insurances Accepted Medicare, Blueshield Blue Cross

Credentials RD, CHWC

NPI Number 10102022484879

Services Offered Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Bio Karina is a California-based dietitian and health coach who provides counseling for people living with chronic kidney disease and general nutrition and wellness. Her approach to nutrition includes showing you that making diet changes to improve your health can be enjoyable and sustainable throughout your life. She encourages autonomy in healthcare and supports you in making nutrition decisions that align with your values. Karina enjoys mastering new recipes, trying new cuisines, and swimming. Karina received her Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics at San Francisco State University. She completed her Dietetic Internship with French food service management company, Sodexo. And received her Health and Wellness Coach Certification through Wellcoaches, School of Coaching.

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person cutting cucumber on cutting board wearing an apron

The PRAL Diet: Is It Good For Your Kidneys?  

As you may already know, what you eat impacts your kidney health. One diet that provides benefits for your kidneys...

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High Potassium Foods to Avoid with CKD

High Potassium Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease

High Potassium Foods List With kidney disease, you will need to limit the amount of potassium you eat. It is crucial...

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Foods to Avoid With Kidney Disease

Foods to Avoid With Kidney Disease  

What Foods are Bad for Kidneys? Eating right for kidney disease can help to prevent further stress on your kidneys...

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Diabetic Renal Diet - Holding Glucose Monitor

Diabetic Renal Diet: What Can You Eat?

Following a diabetic and kidney disease diet can seem overwhelming. Often people focus on what foods are not allowed, making...

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Photo of Tablet with Chronic Kidney Disease written on it

CKD & The Different Stages

CKD Stages If your doctor has told you that you are at risk for chronic kidney disease you may be...

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Wooden spoon filled with salt

Low Sodium Diet Guide

Learn About Sodium & CKD When diagnosed with kidney disease, one of the first things your doctor may tell you...

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Herbs and Spices in Bowls

Cooking With Herbs & Spices On a Low Sodium Diet

When you begin cooking without salt, at first it may seem a little intimidating. Some people have become habitual salters,...

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Snacking on a Low Sodium Diet

Adding snacks to your day is a great way to keep you energized and complete and help you improve your...

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