Karina Tolentino

Karina Tolentino

Karina Tolentino

Level Dietitian

Practice Name Karina Tolentino



Credentials RD, CHWC

Bio Karina is a California-based dietitian and health coach who works with people living with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis. Her approach to nutrition includes showing you that making diet changes to improve your health can be enjoyable and sustainable throughout your life. She encourages autonomy in healthcare and supports you in making nutrition decisions that align with your values. Karina also owns her own online nutrition coaching business where she helps teach others how to create a well balanced diet to include all types of foods in a healthy way. Karina enjoys mastering new recipes, trying new cuisines, and doing any and all water sports. Karina received her Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics at San Francisco State University. She completed her Dietetic Internship with French food service management company, Sodexo. And received her Health and Wellness Coach Certification through Wellcoaches, School of Coaching.

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