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Seasonal Week Meal Plans (low protein CKD, high protein recipes)

Newly released recipes

Ongoing Kidney Nutrition and Culinary Topic Videos (6 per year)

Kidney Basics Intro Course

Unlimited Food Analysis and Recipe Collection 

Monthly Cukebook News-Newsletters with recipe highlights, nutrition topics, and research spotlight

Archived Monthly Nutrition and Culinary videos (for 1 year of release date)

30% discount on any courses and sales

Ask a Dietitian Submission Questions

Monthly Drop-In Office Hours (alternating Culinary and Nutrition) – VIP*


Kidney Basics Course

Week 1: All about Kidneys (the Role, Risks, and staging)

Week 2: Kidney Disease Nutrition Basics

Week 3: Sodium, Potassium

Week 4: Protein and Phosphorus

Week 5: Cooking techniques for Plant-Based Success




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Monthly Newsletter
Kidney Basics Intro Course
Seasonal Meal Plans
30% Discount on Courses / Products
Ask a Dietitian
Meal Planner/Recipe Box
Unlimited Food Analysis
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Expiration Membership never expires. Membership never expires.
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