Sarah Howden



Were you on dialysis before your transplant?

Yes – 1 year

Did you have a live or deceased donor, if live how did you know them?

Deceased donor

When and where did your surgery take place?

UK – May 2018

How long did your surgery take from start to finish?

Not sure I think about 3 hours?

How was your pain before and after the surgery?

No pain before – for a couple of days after op the pain was quite strong had a fentanyl pump to press when there was pain for first 2 days after that paracetamol for 1 day no pain killers since

How many days did you spend in the hospital?


Explain your post transplant clinic visits. How often and for how long did you see the clinic?

First 6 weeks twice a week, once a week until 4 1/2 months then once every 2 weeks, now 11 months post op an every 6 weeks

How old were you when you had your first surgery?


How long did or has your kidney transplant lasted?

Currently 11 months post transplant – all good so far

How many transplants have you had?


What meds are you on post transplant?


Ranitidine – to prevent stomach ulcer
alphacalcidol – to increase phosphate levels

Compare your post transplant diet vs. your pre-transplant diet.

Since transplant back to healthy diet of fruit veg, pulses, previously low potassium, phosphate, felt it was very unhealthy

How soon after, if at all, did you begin drinking alcohol?

Haven’t drunk any alcohol since transplant

How soon after, if at all, did you begin smoking and/or using marijuana or CBD?

Haven’t use any of these since transplant

How soon after did you begin having sexual intercourse?

Single – no relationship

If applicable, how soon after did you get pregnant?


After transplant, have you ever had a rejection? If so, what happened?


How long after transplant until you returned to working.

6 weeks but I have a part time office job

How long after transplant until you began exercising?

about 5 months started back at exercises at local gym, now on 4-5 classes per week

How often do you get your blood work done, 3 months post, 6 months post, 1 year+ post transplant?

At every clinic appt

What kind of setbacks or hiccups have you had shortly after transplant?

Initially kidney working slowly creatinine quite high not going down, they suggested a biopsy if not better after 5 days after removing catheter function improve quickly

Were are you from?


Of what ethnicity are you?

White or Caucasian

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Final words of wisdom:

Try and be positive at every stage accept the lack of control that you have over what is happening and try and see each change as a new way of living

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