Peter Mango

Email address

Were you on dialysis before your transplant?


Did you have a live or deceased donor, if live how did you know them?


When and where did your surgery take place?

December 10, 2015, Upstate Medical, Syracuse, NY

How long did your surgery take from start to finish?

About four hours

How was your pain before and after the surgery?

No pain before, some soreness in abdomen and right leg due to temporary nerve damage.

How many days did you spend in the hospital?


Explain your post transplant clinic visits. How often and for how long did you see the clinic?

Started out 3x/week and quickly progressed to 2x/week then once or twice a month after 60 days or so tonsils at about six years old

How old were you when you had your first surgery?


How long did or has your kidney transplant lasted?

Still working

How many transplants have you had?

One, don’t want another one

What meds are you on post transplant?

Envarsus daily, Belatacept infusion every six week, Prednisone 7.5 mg, blood pressure meds, vitaminD, Magnesium, Omneprazole.

Compare your post transplant diet vs. your pre-transplant diet.

I have always ate sensibly but after transplant less concerned about phosphorus, potassium. Still watching sodium

How soon after, if at all, did you begin drinking alcohol?

Yes, few drinks per week. Started with occasional drink about three weeks after transplant.

How soon after, if at all, did you begin smoking and/or using marijuana or CBD?

I don’t use either.

How soon after did you begin having sexual intercourse?

If applicable, how soon after did you get pregnant?

After transplant, have you ever had a rejection? If so, what happened?

Current transplant has rejected but controlled

How long after transplant until you returned to working.

Never really stopped. Was returning e-mails a few hours after surgery.

How long after transplant until you began exercising?

Two weeks started to go on walks 30+ minutes, after 18 days started cycling on a trainer.

How often do you get your blood work done, 3 months post, 6 months post, 1 year+ post transplant?

First year or so 2-3 times month, now once every six weeks.

What kind of setbacks or hiccups have you had shortly after transplant?

Some rejection, side effects with immunosuppressants which required changes. Edema probably caused by proteinuria. Meds cause easy bruising and bleeding which is normally a nuisance but could be life threatening.

Final words of wisdom:

Do what the clinic advises, they know much more than we do. Take your meds as prescribed, go to your clinic appointments, don’t hesitate to contact your clinic if something doesn’t seem right, eat sensibly, make exercise a priority, don’t dwell on what could possibly go wrong, live each day to the fullest. Remember you were given a gift and don’t take things for granted

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