Brad White

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Were you on dialysis before your transplant?

I was on dialysis for 9 months before my transplant.

Did you have a live or deceased donor, if live how did you know them?

I was blessed with a live donor in the form of my wife.

When and where did your surgery take place?

11/2015 at Mass General in Boston

How long did your surgery take from start to finish?

Approximately 4 hours

How was your pain before and after the surgery?

I have an extremely high pain tolerance and would say before was a 0 and after was a 3

How many days did you spend in the hospital?

Surgery was on Thursday I was home Sunday night

Explain your post transplant clinic visits. How often and for how long did you see the clinic?

I went to the clinic twice a week for a month. Then week my for a month. Then monthly for a year. Then slowly tiered back. I currently go once every 6 months

How old were you when you had your first surgery?

I was 34 years old when I found out I had IGA Neuropathy and the transplant later that year.

How long did or has your kidney transplant lasted?

I am currently 3 years and 6 months in.

How many transplants have you had?

This is my first.

What meds are you on post transplant?

Myfortic acid. Tacrolimus prednisone. I just started a study of an IV drug called Nulojix which will take the place of tacrolimus and is hoping to extend the life of transplanted kidneys

Compare your post transplant diet vs. your pre-transplant diet.

Pre transplant was much stricter. Although I admit I have not followed the post transplant diet as much as I did the pre

How soon after, if at all, did you begin drinking alcohol?

Only drink sparingly. Not worth the risk with the medicine interactions.

How soon after, if at all, did you begin smoking and/or using marijuana or CBD?

I don’t use either

How soon after did you begin having sexual intercourse?

1 month

If applicable, how soon after did you get pregnant?

After transplant, have you ever had a rejection? If so, what happened?

I have not. Have had two biopsies when kidney function fluctuated both had zero signs of rejection

How long after transplant until you returned to working.

8 weeks

How long after transplant until you began exercising?

8 weeks

How often do you get your blood work done, 3 months post, 6 months post, 1 year+ post transplant?

In the beginning blood work was twice a week then weekly then every two weeks. I’m 2 years post transplant stop get it drawn every 2 months.

What kind of setbacks or hiccups have you had shortly after transplant?

Developed diabetes due to the prednisone and other meds. Have treated with medicine. Working on new diet and new meds to try and alleviate.

Final words of wisdom:

Stay positive. Before the transplant after and all the time. I stress about my labs every time until I get the results. It’s natural. Keep your mind busy and your body well. Life’s to short to get mad don’t sweat the small stuff.

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